In the struggle for a neat appearance of the territory, a very practical and useful tool called motokosa comes to the rescue, with the help of which you can quickly bring grass, small shrubs and other overgrown plants to their proper form. A huge assortment on the market allows you to choose a brushcutter for both professional and private use, which, of course, affects the technical parameters and the cost of the tool. Therefore, this article will be devoted to questions of choosing the best option that fully meets your needs.

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Types of motokos, their advantages and disadvantages

Motokosa is a device that has a number of functions aimed at mowing the lawn, field grass, weeds, as well as eliminating thickets of shrubs and young trees. In the case of the selection of additional nozzles, you can also effortlessly align the flower beds and hedges. Depending on the scope of application, this tool is divided into three main types, namely:

professional motor-scythes intended for use in the industrial sector, as a rule, by public utilities, with the aim of upgrading public areas and periodically harvesting hay. This tool is designed to perform a large amount of work over a long period of time. It has high build quality, dimensions and, accordingly, power. The bar of this motokosa is non-separable, which, of course, creates some inconvenience during transportation, but at the same time prevents the ingress of sand and dirt into the device;
semi-professional scythes used by gardeners and landscape designers. According to its technical characteristics, the tool is quite similar to the previous view, and the main difference is the lower engine power and more mobile design;
household scythes, widely used by the average population to remove weeds and cut grass in areas up to 20 acres. The power of such tools does not exceed 2 liters. from. Outwardly, it is quite difficult for an inexperienced person to distinguish professional models from household ones. Most often they are equipped with a curved bar, which can be easily disassembled for easy storage and transportation. The cost of models of domestic motokos is more than acceptable in comparison with the pricing policy for professional and semi-professional tools.
An engine is also important, which makes significant adjustments to the productivity of the tool. So, depending on the type of this important constituent element, there are such types of motocosa as:

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Motokosa with an internal combustion engine. This technique is characterized by high power, productivity, as well as the absence of auxiliary cables and wires, so professional motor-scythes are equipped with exactly this type of engine. A mixture of gasoline and oil is used as a combustible substance. The main disadvantages include significant weight, periodic purchase of fuel and higher cost of equipment.
Motokosa with an electric motor. Assume mains supply via cable. The indisputable advantage of this device is the lack of the need to purchase a combustible mixture. However, the power indicators of such a unit are much less than that of a gasoline engine, and its use is limited to the area where there is access to power. Most often, household scythes are equipped with an electric motor. It is important to remember that mowing wet grass with such tools is strictly prohibited.
Motokosa with a battery. A distinctive feature of the tool is its autonomy from electricity and fuel mixtures. The principle of operation is to start the motor from a pre-charged battery. The disadvantages include a small power and temporary limited work, which affects the versatility of this technique.


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